ACA registered FIV-FeLV negative cattery



Below you will find a set of guidelines regarding shipping and pricing to those who can have their kitten shipped through United Airlines on a non-stop direct (HUB) flight.
All shipping expenses is billed to Buyer
1. Airline approved pet crate
2. Airline approved Health/Shipping Certificate
3. Vaccines and de-wormed
4. Kitten must be 12 weeks of age and 2 pounds of weight before leaving

Basic shipping cost of $375.00 include labor, fuel prices to and from airport and above outlined list.

Shipping via Sky Harbour airport in Phoenix is subjected to weather dependent and direct non-stop flight availavbility.  Below is a list of non-stop direct flights.

1. Houston Texas (IAH)  2. Newark New Jersey (EWR)  3. Chicago O'Hare Illinois (ORD)  4. Denver Colorado (DEN)  5. San Franciso California (SFO)  6. Dulles Washington DC (IAD)  7. Los Angeles California (LAX)

Flights cannot be booked until 24-48 hours before the flight and may be subject to weather.

The kittens travel in a hard plastic pet crate that is airlines approved. We make sure the kitten is familiar with the crate that they will be traveling far in advance to their actual shipment date.. Regardless of the airline, all pet cabins are pressurized, and temperature controlled.
Each kitten will come with a complimentary organic catnip pillow which also reduces the stress of the kitten(s) during transit.  The kitten(s) will arrive with his or her nursery blanket. This special blanket has the scent of the nursery mates and mother on it. Please refrain from washing their baby blanket for the first few weeks after arriving.

Kittens typically are just eager to get out of the pet crate and find the litter pan, then begin exploring their new home. Most of them will resume eating and drinking within the first 24 hours after the flight.. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in regards to the shipping process. 


While we prefer not to ship, we occasionally ship kittens/cats via direct non-stop HUB flights ONLY depending on the time of year and set of circumstances. Whilst, shipping is still available to anyone who is thinking of purchasing one of our kittens, due to new changes made by the Department of Agriculture, regulations for pet breeders who intend to ship a live animal has been somewhat interrupted. We offer either non-stop direct flights, or the second option of, the completion of sales must take place face to face at Sky Harbour Airport in Phonenix. All shipped kittens must be at least 12 weeks of age. buyers are responsible for collecting the kitten from the airport. Shipping costs will include the airfare, shipping crate, health certificate/exam and a fee for the labor of organizating and transporting the kitten to the airport. To eliminate error, I have decided that all shipping arrangements are solely to be made by the shipper (myself) and not the buyer. I have simply encountered too many problems with regards to harmonizing joint coordination attempts.